Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Boutique

Super excited to announce another date for a Christmas boutique!

 I will be at Christ Lutheran Church and School for their annual Christmas Boutique. 

The Boutique is Sat Dec 6th from 9-4pm  

Christ Lutheran Church and School 
820 W Imperial Highway 

Hope to see you there! 



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pinecone Ornaments

I have these large pine trees outside our house, and all other times of the year the needles dropping drives me crazy! But I went out the other day and found some pretty amazing pine cones to craft with so I guess the needles aren't sooooo bad.

The most valuable thing I read on pinterest about pine cones, is that they need to be baked to get rid of the bugs!!! Its simple really 45 minutes on 200 and no critters later!

I bought this amazing vintage ribbon at a antique market! 

A simple craft but beautiful results!



Sunday, November 16, 2014

Recap of the Market at the Bridge

Its been a week since the Market at the Bridge my first craft market and I think I might finally be unpacked. It was a great success the assortment of vendors was great and the overall feel of the market was so positive.
I was lucky and had a corner booth

lots of setup but turned out GREAT!

hard at work :)

I really enjoyed the market and I could not have done it without my amazing best friend Jessica she was there all every step of the way and I can't thank her enough! Also big thanks to all friends and family that came to visit and shop. 



Long Beach Antique Market

Every third Sunday of the month you can head to Veteran's Stadium in Long Beach for the antique market. Its a great place to hunt for treasure or find this to inspire your creative side.

Its bestie Jessica and her mom Carol that I love going with it always a great time

We have a shih tzu puppy named gizmo so this guy caught my eye

Our friend Ryan is a big fisherman not sure his wife would like this in the newly remodeled bathroom

Best find of the day was this new vendor far away hood they have a booth that is DIY check them out they are a mother daughter duo that are just the sweetest.

Rounding out the purchases were two ornaments some vintage rick rack and shears!



Pasta Quilts

Last weekend at the Market at the Bridge I had the pleasure of having a booth next to Ann she is the owner of pasta quilts. They are beautiful handmade flannel quilts and her attention to detail when pairing fabrics is amazing.
This print was too adorable for me to pass up!

Backside matches perfectly

Ann includes a lovely note about her craftsmanship 

Above is her business card highly recommend checking her website out



Monday, November 10, 2014

MIckey and Minnie Banners

I love to make banners for holidays or birthdays showers and parties. I especially love when I get a theme and can just run with a design. The other day I was in a mickey and minnie mood and I made  these fun banners. The bride to be banner is headed to a customer in PA!



Sunday, November 9, 2014

Decorating for Fall

I love to decorate our home and Fall is my favorite, I love thanksgiving and just about everything pumpkin. Below are some pictures of the fun Fall decor I have up around our home.

Fun new sign this year from my bestie

These Pumpkins are from the etsy shop; Peachypumpkins 

I love this little bobble turkey so fun addition to my mantle 



" Movember"

I will leave the mustache growing to the Men but I create some fun glassware in support of the cause!

Available in my etsy shop: alittledottie



Thursday, November 6, 2014

Market at the Bridge

Its 2 days away and I have mixed emotions I am excited and nervous, grateful for the amazing support I am already receiving and anxiously waiting for the day to come. I am going to be doing my first craft market and I can't wait! As I prepare this week both creating and preparing my booth I am reminded of how much I love to create and enjoy crafting. Below are some of the things I have been up to this week and the fun things you will see at the market.



Monday, November 3, 2014

You've Been BOOZED

Found this super cute idea on Pinterest and I have two friends as neighbors so it was perfect!

Fun printable 

Any wine works I just happen to only have red 

A little bit of tulle and a hole punch

Ready to ding dong ditch!



Halloween Costumes

For the last couple of years my best friend and I have had coordinating costumes. We have been thing 1 and thing 2, and we were mickey and minnie. This year I found the most amazing costume idea, flamingos! My bestie loves loves flamingos so it was perfect! For the project I used a oversize mens tank top and feather Boas! Its a messy job and I will be finding feathers for a long time all over my house, but it was a great costume!